Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Malalai and the Maternity Wards

Over the next few days, we will be publishing updates from HEEDA's newest member, Yagana Parwak. Click here for a brief bio of Yagana.

Yagana jaan spent a few weeks in Kabul this past May, working on various HEEDA projects and making careful observations. Please follow along with her blogs and please be sure to share!

--- --- --- May 29th, 2015--- --- ---

Early morning rounds with the Embrace units; along with one of the traditional radiant warmers in the background.
Having gone through the various departments at Malalai Maternity Hospital and spoken to the heads of those departments, HEEDA compiled a list of the most urgent needs of the hospital.  We secured wheelchair donations from ICRC and hospital appliance donations from Asia Pharm Co. Upon delivering the goods, a head of a department told us that she was surprised that we delivered- they are so used to NGOs and Non-profits promising assistance but never delivering what was needed. One of the most important donations we attained was a ceiling light for the operating room in the hospital. They had been having serious problems mid-surgery, where the light was not functioning properly and would go out at very critical times. Addressing this problem would save many lives and serious complications during surgery.

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Part of the donations to Malalai Maternity Hospital included much needed wheelchairs, compliments of the ICRC.