Sunday, April 1, 2012

The ACEP and EMRAM Research Forums

Having compiled over 500 pages of data on emergency services in the Kabul area, we compressed the information to identify the most important points. We submitted our initial findings to multiple academic venues for review so we can share our perspective with the various academic communities and look for feedback before we being interpreting our data into conclusions, and our conclusions into implementation.

We were invited to present our findings at multiple local, regional, national and international conferences. We made it a point to take our work to one of each of these settings. The first presentation was given at the Emergency Medicine Residents Assembly of Michigan at the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians (EMRAM at MCEP) in April of 2011.

This was followed in October of last year by the national RESEARCH FORUM at the American College of Emergency Physicians ( in San Francisco. It was truly an honor to be invited to present our findings at such a prestigious event. It was especially important for us to be recognized at this ACEP event since the bulk of our attention thus far has has been on Emergency Medicine development.